Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my late June

errkk....where's my baju kurung project? I guess I'm still in a busy month..I don't have time to buy new fabrics. I did buy a skirt pattern from Alviana but until now I haven't cut the pattern yet due to no fabrics. I hope this upcoming July will be an easy & relax for me... since I'm in Quality Engineer training and my team leader will not assign new segmentation cases to me anymore (what a release for me!) . I'm upgrading my 9-6 hrs job and I hope I can upgrade my skills in sewing too!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June issue

I'm back again for June's entry. Hello my dearest blog...or whoever read my blog...hi bloggers!heheh.. I have been quite busy with my 9-6 work lately and I just came back from my holiday. This time i went to Sabah...4 days trip. It's very tiring but it was really fun. Never thought that Malaysia got this beautiful and gorgeous scenery. So, no sewing activities from me and I guess this blog will getting bored if I don't do any project this coming weeks. Errmmh, I'm thinking of making a baju kurung. Cotton baju kurung. wish me luck! Till then..daa!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

out of blogging..for a while!

It's been a week plus I have not updating my blog. I have no project going on though but I do have few ideas running in my head. I don't know when will I make them happen. Errmmhh...I guess I'm running out of fabrics...and due to super buzy works at office too. Cases keep coming and coming and I don't have time to update this blog and even my personal blog. So, one day ...hopefully one day.. the number of cases can be decreased and I can blogging again like before. Till then...daa!


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