Saturday, January 30, 2010

crafting at my workplace

I've been busy with my office work lately. It's been 2mth plus I've been with this new company. Very busy. For the 1st month, I felt very bored. Not many people want to help me, to guide me. It's not that they are not willing to help me but it's all because of they are very busy with their own work. It's very different environment with my previous company. I used to work at flexi hours but now, I have to get up as early as I can since i need to reach there before 8am. It's a bit far from my home too. But since I'm at opposite direction of traffic jam, then it's okay with me. To tell the truth , I'm dealing with some sort sewing stuff too. Only that this one is not for crafty thingy. We're specialized in interior part of automobiles. We sew seat leather cover for variety part of cars. From Kancil to Ferrari...these customers will send their seat cover to us in order to change the them into new comfortable leather type.
Anyway, I'm not going to explain in details on what I'm doing at my workplace.. hehehe..It's just that even during my busy time at office, I still manage to do some craft stuff at office. I became new comittee member for 5S. And one of the task is to decorate the notice board. well of course it's not the main task..the main task is actually to assist all the HOD during audit, report and etc. But anyway, back to the notice board.. I manage to use some of my crazy idea to it. And this is what happen... hihihi..

The funny thing is, because of this notice board, my GM asked me to design background for our company big banner too.'s too much for me to handle. Luckily my colleague can help me out for this part. Thanks, Dieya!

I guess, craft can happen at anywhere you go. Happy Crafting, everybody!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

my january puffy pouch

My second project for this month..MY JAN PUFFY POUCH. I found out the tutorial from Ayumill-Pink Penguin. Please check her wonderful+super easy tutorial at her blog ya. I bought the flexi frame from Tessa too.. recommended by Ayumills as well...

Exterior part laying on my cutting matt. (This cutting matt fly away from Ipoh. thx to Neeza for buying it for me.

flexi frame bought from Tessa. She's a such a sweet lady. Nice to deal with her!

quick view on how to insert the flexi frame.


there you not so perfect puffy pouch. I made wrong measurement for the upper part of this pouch. But it's one is perfect for the 1st kit.
Hope you guys can make this one too.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

my january reversible skirt

Hope it's not too late for me to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! live long, live strong, and live happy! is some notes on my 2010 resolution:

1. Atleast 1 sewing project monthly
2. ermhh..tutorial for some of my own projects, perhaps?
3. Updates my not so called active-perfect blog frequently.
4. Meeting lots n lots crafter friends all around the world! we go. My 1st project! My january reversible skirt. First of all.. I would like to give credits to Kara from Sweet & Salty for sharing her tutorial about her gorgeous girly twirly skirt. You may check out her blog to see her tutorial. Pretty easy! And i was inspired from her blog when I want to do this version of mine. Thanks a lot, Kara! The only different is I have to double the amount of fabrics.
I made 2 pattern for this skirt. And of course it's not for me..hihihih..I can say that it took only 2.5 hours to sew this skirt ( in total 5 hrs for both) and I'm proud of it. Never thought that I can finish it very fast! Here you 1st handmade for this new year 2010! And sorry..tutorial is not available for this one yet. hehe..

to push 2 elastic bands together was the hardest part....phewhh.......but...

I'm so happy with the ending!
another reversible view.

i adore both of them!

Happy sewing everyone!


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