Monday, December 28, 2009


Here we go again...quilt books to go. I'm letting go two of my quilt books with very affordable price. Lots of quilt project that you might want to try.

A fabulous collection of quickly made quilts to brighten up your home. Full instructions for beginners. Intriguing alternative colour schemes for each quilt. Ranging from a cot quilt to a wallhanging, designs perfect for contemporary rooms



A practical and straightforward guide to quiltmaking, with step by step instructions on essential techniques. An attractive and contemporary collection of simple quilts for beginner, ranging from small cot quilts and playmats to throws and full-size bed quilts. 13 easy quilt projects which build on essential quiltmaking skills learnt throughout the books.

Next books to go? Knitting!! Till we meet on my next entry. Happy Crafting ,everyone!

GIVEAWAY from Sew Retro Chic

Hehehe..fabric giveaway from Zura, Sew Retro Chic! To all 'fabricholic' please join her giveaway too.

Let say If i win this giveaway..I've got few simple things that i want to sew.
  • Summer little dresses
  • A short for me, perhaps?
  • Another pouch for my craft stuffs. Well basically for patterns that i bought through online.
  • And maybe a small quilt for wall hanging purpose
Jom serang blog Zura at SewRetroChic. Dun forget to become her follower too! Daa!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Like I said in my previous entry..I'm going to sell some of my precious craft books to whoever interested to buy it. They are totally in a very good condition. Most of the books..well I can say all of them..hihihi..they are very good for a beginner in craft world because of the simple and easy instruction provided in the books. I wish that I can do all the craft projects that are listed in them..but then..hihihi..unsuccessful for me...Hoping that to whoever buy these books will continue to create all these BEAUTIFUL craft thingy.'s my simple rules..
  • If you like these books..just drop me an email ya. at
  • First come first serve.
  • The price of the books EXCLUDING postage cost and these books will only be posted within Malaysia only.
  • Errkk....and one more thing and if it is okay, do be my follower. So that we can always keep in touch and who knows I have new items that you might be interested next time. And of course I'll be your follower too!
Oh gosshh!! tats too long introduction..Okay guys, here we go.. MY CRAFT BOOKS PART I

27 bags to make, mostly small and richly stitched. Provides step by step guidance on stitching, making up and embellishing beads, buttons, ribbons, feathers and tassels. Includes a comprehensive stitch library and techniques section to ensure a truly professional finish.


Each design is accompannied by step-by-step photographs showing important stages in the process. Tools, materials, and core techniques are clearly explained, and you'll find advice on making extra-special socks using sumptuous yarns and embellishments.

*********to be continued......on the next entry!*********

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I've got few craft books for sale but I'm not so sure if there is anyone who interested to buy it from here. Cheaper price(RM15-25) and still in a good condition. ( well..i can say...superb condition!). Your comment will tell me whether i should sell them or not. IF this entry rcv lots of feedback, that means I'll post a new entry for all these books with clearer picture. Hope to hear some comment from you guys!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

stitch terms & techniques

I hate to admit it but it is blog is sooo empty. I guess I'm not so into blogging these few months. 2-3 post monthly? So pity...anyway, got a lil bit mood today.There has been a crafting but it is still in early stage but I'm going to post something else which is not originally from me..but I think it is good to share it in here. I hope they don't mind...guilty face..:-(

Source: my new magazine-SEW August issue ( ). ( My sister bought it for me from UK. Thank you so much,Suzie! I really love it! )


ARMSCYE: An armhole in the body of the garment that the sleeve or facing will fit into.

APPLIQUE: Decorative technique with one piece of fabric stitched on top of another.

BIAS BINDING: Narrow strips of fabric used to create neat finishes to hems and edgings.

BOBBIN: Round holder underneath the needle plate on a sewing machine where thread is wound.

DART: A stitch tapered fold used to give garments shape around the contours of the body.

GRAIN: The lengthways and crossways directions of the threads in the fabric.

HEM & SEAM ALLOWANCE: Amount of fabric allowed for turning to make a hem or seam.

INTERFACING: Fabric placed between the main material and facing to give item structure, available in a range of weights.

LINING: A separate piece o fabric sewn on the inside of a piece to hide raw edges and help it hang well.

NOTIONS: The items used to complete a project, including zips, buttons and elastic.

PILLING: Small balls of fibre can appear on the surface of synthetic materials, cause by wear.

PLEAT: Even folds of fabric stitched to create shaping or for decoration

RAW EDGE: The cut edge of fabric, it can be finished with zig zag machine stitch to prevent fraying.

REVERSE STITCH: A sewing machine setting that allows you to work back over a row of stitches to secure.

RIGHT SIDE: This is the side of the fabric that will be on show when the project is competed.

SELVEDGE: The finished edges of woven fabrics.

TACKING STITCH: A loose hand sewn temporary stitch used to hold fabrics together before stitching

TOP STITCH: A machine straight stitch used on the right side on an item. Often worked in contrasting colour for decorative effect.

WARP: The lengthways threads on woven fabrics or textiles.

WEFT: The widthways threads that run across the warp on a woven fabric.

WRONG SIDE: The reverse side of the fabric, which will be the inside of the completed garment or project.

YOKE: The top section of a garment from which the rest of the skirt or dress hangs.

ZIG ZAG STITCH: A machine stitch used to secure raw edges of fabric that can also be used for decorative purposes.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

little dress for little girl

I made this one for my niece, Abigail. Little dress for little girl. The simple one...I am happy with the result..hihihihi.. Anyway, I'm making another one little dress which is still in progress. It's for Mya. My far-far away niece.wait ya..auntie sissy quite busy these few weeks. But dun worry,you will get exactly the same like Bgail's too. The diff is only the fabric, i guess. Fair and square,my dear.

Happy Sewing,everyone!

Monday, October 5, 2009

my little tiny tissue cover

well...small craft project during weekend. My leftover fabric for my little tiny tissue cover.

I love green and white color. So, I'm in the middle of doing something for my desk at office...some sort of make-over workspace. Will capture the pics once everything is ready.

Happy Sewing, everybody!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my white crochet measuring tape

bought this cute thing last week from Yoonie's. it makes my life easier! no need to waste my time roll back my tape everytime when i finish measuring the fabric.

Friday, September 4, 2009

almond london cookies

17-09-09-obviously order closed!! but I am glad that i can sell 1150 biji.huhuh!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

my brown skirt brown skirt using M5566_McCalls.

the construction of my skirt

a lot of 'jahit sembat'...and i used my new bias tape maker to do that 'button hold'. i using the correct term? hehehe..

my buttons

full front view

ermmhh.....but I am not quite satisfied with the way i sewn the zip. very amatur...

oppss...sorry...model pucat...puasa maa....hehehe..and did u notice that sofa cover? another unfinished business. last pucat shoot...heheheh..

anyway...interested to sew one like this? if you are an amatur like me...all you've got to do the pattern from Alviana at her shop SHOPAHOLIC SEWIST and just follow the simple instruction. It's very easy! And you have a freedom to alter the design too. The pattern is very useful for doing the basic construction but the finishing is all up to you. Just like my will notice that the waist part is totally different with the one in the picture of M5566 McCalls pattern.

and my upcoming project...CURTAINS! It's not for me but I'm helping my friend. 30 mtrs..waarrgggh!! must finish b4 hari raya.but luckily i don't have to do the scallop thingy...otherwise i pengsan lor...hehehe..anyway..can i make it?I'll try my best Rini!

Monday, August 24, 2009

working mode

ermmhhh....lets talk about my work...

my desk. nothing special here. Simple...only my pc, my red cup, my tumbler,my dearest 2009 calendar, few small stuffs...
ahaa...there you go..two important screen, my headphone. it's quite stress working here when there are a lot of cases rushing in. music is my life when this it is happen! empty eclipse! i like that sweets very much. i put one in my car too. and I've got dettol sanitizer. courtesy from my office. and pil chi kit teck on. i bought from mamak. this one is just in case if my stomach is shouting for help.

a pear a day keeps my stress away for a while! i will bring fruits to office only if i don't want to go out for lunch. Hup Seng cream crackers? it really becomes my savior when my stomach suddenly craving for somethin especially teatime. dip in hot tea..errmmmhhh mmg sedap!

my cute little teddy bear. My birthday gift. Sue gave it to me last year.

my blog on my wide screen!..hehehe..wajib thing to do everyday even if i don't have anything to update. maybe that is why i called it another chapter of my life!I'll try to update frequently next time..hehehe...i bought this flip flap yesterday. Cute and really make my day when I am too concentrating with work, too focus looking at the screen..and this flower will keep swinging and somehow it gives me a joy..hehehe..i really like you!
i bought this small thing last weekend at craftworld ss2,pj. quite expensive for this size but i don't know why i grabbed it on the spot and paid it. huhuhu...atleast one of my wishlist came true..finally i got you my bias tape maker!

remember about skirt pattern that i bought from Alviana few month ago? Here it is. UNCUT. sayang tau...
but then i cut that pattern anyway ...hopefully my skirt menjadikler..hehehe..thats all for now..daaa!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

face mask

Today, Connie(my lil sis) and I went to MV to buy few stuffs, mostly medicine for our little bro.Poor Reggie, he's not feeling very well these few days. So, we bought him vitamins, salon pas, panadol, sanitizer and face masks and we straight away sent those items by Pos Laju. The price of disposable face mask is quite expensive. RM6.90 for 3 pieces. Errmmhh...consider mahalkn?

I found out yesterday about making cotton face masks from Neeza and Peg's blog. Interesting and beautiful! So, I spent this few hours making 3 face masks for Connie and this is the result.

my old kain cotton + Connie bought that getah at Jusco today.

my 1st face mask. yeah!!!

she's wearing it for the first time. hehehe

tadaa....3 face masks ready for you,Connie

Close up!

Now I need a gud nite sleep.Penat.. and ..last but not coming project

akhirnya...I bought this skirt pattern from Alviana few months ago. Just bought the fabric today at Kamdar. wish me luck!


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