Monday, April 27, 2009

giveaways from sweetlilcraft

I'm still new with this blogging thing and even the sewing part. I'm still learning but I'm loving it! Nothing "extravaganza' happen in my blog here. Very very beginner in blogging.I visited Ayu's blog recently. Both her personal and shop ones. I really like the coordination of the color of her personal blog. Very cute and the color blends very well. Quite soft as well! As for her shop's blog, I can see that she's really into handmade crafts and you can find cute little things in her shop.(errkk..I mean in her Sweet Lil Craft ya...hehehe). I saw a lot of comments in her entry for this giveaways and why not..I join this sweet contest too. Mana tau boleh menang giveaways yg cute tue. hehehe.. Below are the giveaways that I might win..hahaha...just kidding..but still I wish I can win them. wink!
Stripe bag accompany with body pouch especially hand made by Ayu

Strawberry needle book and key comel..

So, if anyone visits my blog here...(i wish!) though i know my blog is still very new... do please visit Ayu's blog. Both blog won't regret it! hehehe..
p/s: It's fun to join this cute giveaways contest! it's a good way for me to update my blog too. Both way win! Challo!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

tulip hearted quilt-part III

I just bought these beautiful and cheap fabric last weekend at Kamdar,MV. So, no english cotton from Romantika for this quilt. Maybe for new project I'll try to use it.
Basic idea on how i will 'susun' this tulips. I like the bright color of the fuschia one. Ermmhh sorry for the Bahasa Melayu word. Erk..what is 'susun' in English ya? Lupa daa...hahaha...

waa....a lot of works to do lor...but still i love to do it! first finished pattern. but still I have 17 pieces more to go. gud luck to me!

Friday, April 24, 2009

tulip hearted quilt-part II

Now I know what should I put at the back of my quilt. Fleece blanket! I might choose pink or black color and I know where to get it. Last time I did buy one for my sister at Kamdar,MV. It was quite cheap though. I think the price was RM15 per each. And for the background of my quilt I think I will go for the english cotton that I see at Romantika outlet in Shah Alam. RM15 per metre but a quarter should be fine for my quilt. Can't wait to buy them this weekend. I am really into quilting right now. I just joined the quilting forum at and there is a lot of information (techniques, pattern, tips,etc) that I can use for my quilting project. I hope there will be more project that I can accomplish. More and more from black book of sewing!!challo!

Monday, April 20, 2009

tulip hearted quilt-part I

I am so excited for this project. My 1st attempt to do quilt. never done one before. i might not have all the quilt cutter...board? or anything...but I'll try to make this one happen. This one is for my best friend,Norli for her new born baby ,Eidil Khadijah. I hope they will like it!
This is the pattern that i'm using for this project. Got it from free pattern
It looks simple but believe me,it is not easy (I mean..for beginner like me). This design was made by Mary Graham but I did some changes on it. Accidentally actually! So, I renamed it as Tulip Hearted Quilt. You wanna know why? Hehehe.Just look at the images that I uploaded will know why..I'm still in an early stage and luckily I still got few beautiful fabrics which i bought from Ebay last few months ago. At last i know what to do with those fabrics.

Very sweet color..

The fabrics has been cut into few small pieces. I decided to make 24 colorful hearts for Eidil's quilt.

Just to show the process of combining the patterns.

Errkk....and this is what happen when I get so over excited.Supposely this is a heart pattern but i forgot to add allowance on one side of that heart. So, it becomes unbalanced. That is why.. I decided to alter back the heart to become..Tulip!!It looks like tulip right? So, from beginner suddenly transform to Tulip Hearted! Designed by Jessie! hehehe..Thank god i can still continue my quilt.This is the basic idea on how i susun all these cute tulips.

That's the only thing that i did last night. I still need to buy few fabrics for the background. Green looks great too right? Soft pink maybe? Ermmhh...nvmind.Let just wait and see what's the final decision. Till my fingers meeting this keyboard again. Challo!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

my sewing project

I'm still new with this sewing thing...It becomes my new interest right now when i see a lot of interesting sewing blogs...hope i can be good as good as you guys! gud luck to me! Till my fingers meeting this keyboard again!..daa..


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