Sunday, January 15, 2012


Sure it comes to mind how you want to lose weight : either Jogging or Diet..well for me, I'm going to choose both! So my task begin today...
How many feet are in a kilometer? 
There are 3,280.84 feet in 1 kilometer
2020 ft is equal to how many kilometer?
2020 / 3280.84 = 0.62 km
2020 was actually total steps I counted for one round of the tasik. where I assume my one step is equal to one feet.
Where did you run today?
Taman Tasik Shah Alam Seksyen 7

How many round did u do today?
3 rounds!!
So, how far did u run today?
3 x 0.6km =1.86km.
MY 2012 RUN PLEDGE : 100KM
WEEK 1: 1.86KM
Another 98.14km to go..ohh gosshh!! can i make it? 

Errkk..btw, this post has nothing to do with sewing stuffs..Happy healthy,everybody!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 things...

2012 stuff list.... very late update but still I want to post it here...

  1. Female Wooden Base Tailor Mannequin 
  2. Organizer rack for my sewing stuff
  3. Join sewing class
  4. Quilting..quilting..and quilting
  5. Re-organize the sewing room
  6. Smaller size of me..hahaha!
I'm sure this teddy would have this thought.. ' Naah...I don't think so she can complete the list by this year!" hahah..happy 2012 everyone!

day curtain for my H-A-L-L

Within 2hrs, I completed my day curtain. I used quite cheap but beautiful lace fabric where you can get it at NAGOYA for RM2.80/m. Furthermore, the lace design is something that I could considered as my ideal combination for my dear curtains. hehehe..Enough said...please have a look!

 I like it very much!

 I like it even more!

 Very happy with the outcome! happy sewing everyone!


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