Wednesday, July 29, 2009

new personal things

This entry has nothing to do with craft or sewing thingy.... it's just that I'm quite excited or maybe I can say I really like my new new things. Tadaa...

my new sandals! i bought it yesterday at one small shop in Ikano. The price is quite affordable. RM29.90? Murah or not? Hehehe..And by the way, for long as it is the love at the first sight, I will grab it on the spot. Otherwise, i will keep thinking and dreaming about that thing every single day until I buy it. So, my so-so motto is..."alah membeli, menang memakai"! .But sometimes, I did feel regret too if I follow my 'love at first sight" feeling. For example for this shoes.
Lacoste shoes. Memang "alah membeli" but I was "alah memakai" too. I really like the design and color of this snickers and it is very comfortable if you've got the correct size. Eventhough at that time there was no size for me,but because I was so crazy, so much deeply in love with this cute shoes.. I grabbed it(half larger size) on the spot. And now? What happen to this shoes? I seldom wearing it and it always hidden in its box. errmmhh..too bad, right?and membazir too..huhuhu.
Okay, back to my other new things... my craft tool box!! Oppss..I'm still adding something related to craft in this entry too..hahah! I bought a new tool box which is much bigger than previous one and it can fit all my craft's equiptments. RM16.90. It's quite cheap for me. So, I am menang membeli and I am menang memakai too.heheh..well,consider that one my 2nd motto yaa..:)
I'd prefer light blue actually. But since there is no choice, I just bought this one from Tesco.Bolehlah! hehehe..
I can't even put my big scissor in my old tiny craft tool box. And now? Everyting can fit in! new tool box is full already.. I'm planning to buy a rotary cutting set,consists of cutter, ruler and the board. what should i do? Buy another tool box? Bigger than this one?hahaha! this is what happen when you are too crazy with sewing!!!! I am addicted to it right now! I keep surveying sewing patterns online, search for new fabbies, jalan2 gie Kamdar, Jakel, Nagoya.. and i did buy some fabbies yesterday too at Kamdar..and few days ago I bought some japanese cotton at Jakel too. hehehee...ayooo..susah2 mcm nie!even for this entry...I'm planning to jot down something which is non-related to sewing thingy and now? I'm still talking about sewing!!
Anyway,at the end of the story...I do love sewing..crafting..anything to do with handmade! Same as you guys too! Challo!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Spinningspool Shoppe Merdeka giveaway


to whoever visits or accidentally visited my very unpopular blog here. hehehee.

goodies goodies to be won!!
It's a giveaway again!!

**4 Quilter's Collectibles Patterns **
**1 Funky Hearts ribbon (2.7 metres)**
**1 Floral ribbon (2.7 metres)**
**3 vintage buttons**
**2 green flip-flop buttons**
**100% cotton1 yard of Cherry Jubilee design**
**29 inches of white paisley design**
**1 yard of small red floral design**

**2 1/2 yards of Cranston Village Home Decor V.I.P print100 % cotton**

This time around from LynnAmalina and you can check it out at her online shop, Spinningspool Shoppe. A lot of beautiful cotton fabrics and she can even order sewing pattern for you. But please check her blog for the term and condition for this pre order sewing pattern. I'm thinking to buy one too. hehehe. And she is also the proud owner of spinningspool' blog. Please visit her both blog ya... i found out this giveaway from Idayu's blog. And it is so super duper easy way to have a chance to win this big goodies! Only one lucky winner and i hope that person will be me..Hehehe..this giveaway entry will valid from 17th July-31st July. I'm crossing all my fingers right now.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

baju kurung part I

My baju kurung project is almost 50% completed. It took few night hours on these two weeks to complete until this stage. Hopefully I can find few more night hours this coming week to finish this unfinished project... which is kain baju kurung. Hahah! I took only 2 pic this time since there was a problem with my my digital camera. And this pic was taken by using my Samsung UH700 hp. Not so sharp and clear but I guess this is the best that I can do.

Cotton baju kurung for my friend PIJA. Belum berjahit. :)

there you go..baju kurung sahaja. Kain tak siap lg.hehehe.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

july issue

It's July and I just published my old June's post. Since i don't have any project on last month and I hate to see a lot of drafts in my list of posts, and I don't want to skip June in my archive list, and to solve this issue, I just publish them eventhough they are super plain, no projects, -no point or what so ever.. and I'm really glad that no more draft in my list of posts.
By the way, I already bought the fabrics for my baju kurung. Instead of 1 pair, I'm going to make 3 pairs. One for me and another 2 for my friend, Pija.Sorry...that's all I can update in this post. No project lorr..daa!!


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