Monday, April 26, 2010

my mostly blue quilt looks so gloomy in here...hehehe...anyway, let start with introduction 1st..about 'what should i with the fabric?' original idea was to make shorts or boxers.. but then I realized this lovely 100% cotton is suitable for quilt too. So, my second idea was much more exciting to do than the short. So, here you go.. my 2nd baby quilt. I can say that 40% goes to sewing machine..and another 60% goes to hand stitching. That is why this project came a bit late from my schedule. And I hope that the owner of this quilt will like it too. Well..obviously I wish her mum will like it 1st, then only she will give it to her baby girl .It's for you, my dear niece..Roselle Usun!

i want this quilt to have pillow look design. That is why you can see a lot of face hand stitching on it. And it looks puffy too!

I bought all these fabrics from Nagoya except for the gorgeous blue-dotted one. Bought that one from Lian-Lilstitchy!

duration for me to complete this hand-stitching? Almost a month(lazy+no mood+ itchy-finger due to needles).Penat wei! At one point I said to myself, just gave up this hand-stitching-change to machine! use sewing machine! It's easier! but then..ermmhh..i guess my passion for hand stitching are still there..i continued and luckily for me... it's finally done!

there you go another 'renyah' work...wait till u see them completely. another flower creation. glad that it turn out the way i want it to be!

Happy Sewing,everyone!


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