Saturday, February 6, 2010

my February pinky halter dress

Bought this pattern from Alviana again. Thanks Alvi!

the construction of my 1st dress.

upper part

I used different fabric for midriff part.

add interfacing to give extra support

two parts joined together.

yeah!!! I made it! my 1st pinky halter dress!

at last, I've gut to show myself wearing this dress.

Happy Sewing,everyone!


  1. jessie, that is like the prettiest dress I've ever seen handmade! you look stunning in it! great job!

  2. thx Zura! I feel very flattered with your comment. I did a lot of 'redo' actually for this dress..but at the end..I am happy with the result.

  3. such a gorgeous dress, i love the fabrics combination, and oh, the midriff part is really charming..well-constructed and great job!

  4. thx a lot, Evyline..and yes...i love these two color actually especially the midriff one. i believe your creation much more better than me. ;)

  5. cantik nya Jess, n you really look stunning in that dress.. :-)

  6. gorgeous dress!
    you're dazzlingly beautiful in that dress.

  7. fabulous dress! loveeeee the color and fabric combinations. it really suit u wonderfully. beautifully done.

    i'm stealing ur picture and proudly featured it in my blogshop :)

    p/s: that's mean u're entitled for 50% discount on the next purchase (again) hehe..

  8. Thank u,Neeza...just like what u said in your blog, kalau tgk dress nie dekat2 pn horror gak. hihihi..

    Dura...thank u for your compliment. It really brighten up my day!

    Alvi...thx too! and zillion of thx for selling such a wonderful sewing pattern. Stock up more, please...I'm on my way now..nk jadik addicted sewer. hihi.

  9. wow..amazing! jc boleh jadi fashion designer tok...btw - love the new hair do!

  10. thx Suzie! fashion designer? ermmh....let me think about it...mcm best juak...hahahah..beranganler auntie Jessie nie,Mya!. ;)



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