Saturday, May 8, 2010

my too small pinky short

I know...just by looking at my post title, you will definitely know that this short is not my size actually. But anyway, I had fun sewing the pieces together . Here you simple yet easy to sew but too small for me -pinky short!

front view

hehehe..just a zoom view for the pocket that I made for this short.

inner view

It comes with pockets for both side and I use french seam technique to finish this short. Definitely will sew more and more in future but with the correct size for me.

Happy sewing,everyone!


  1. jessie, nak bagi kepada siapa ni, since it's not for you..hadiah to my gal lah..hihi

  2. it's too small for me but i think this one is too big for your gal,Dura. any specific measurement? Kalau nk, boleh jer buatkan satu. hihih

  3. It looks great, to bad it is not your size! Hope you find the perfect owner!!

  4. Hello again!
    I've awarded you a blog award. Please stop by my blog to pick it up.

  5. Very cute! You'll have to find a small bum to fit these shorts, they're too cute to put in a drawer!



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