Sunday, October 23, 2011

I miss SEWING..

I miss sewing..I even miss blogging....11 mnths x mengupdate sad...I'd like to continue sewing simple thing like last time..i need those PASSION and PATIENCE again..pls come back my dear....

can i be this fairy again?
kalau x dpt jd fairy..jd this girl pn xper..

rindunyer nk sepah2kn tmpt menjahit..hahaha..

ermmhh...kalau ada geng menjahit lg seronok sbenarnyer.. ermmhh...mmg kena blogging ler slalu..nk jumpa member di alam maya lg..
nk jahit quilt lg...mcm suatu masa dolu2...rindunyer!..

wish me luck again,my dear!

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