Saturday, February 4, 2012

mini bubble skirt

Morning.... how was your weekend? This weekend was amazing for a few of reasons: the sun was shining, the wet clothes can be dry quickly..lots of time was spent with loved ones...a beautiful and clean home... crafting and crafting still in progress...and here are some photos to highlight what I've done this bubble skirt for my dear niece! Ngee....I can't wait to see Abigail wears this skirt..

 smile face...=) my first bubble skirt
 the reason why it becomes so bubbly...elastic band!
 ermmhh...reversible skirt? Okay gak tue...
 pleated and pleated...
 I'm not so sure the actual size of my niece's i sewed elastic band at the back of the skirt...

Happy weekend,everyone!


  1. The skirt is beautiful! I'm sure your niece will look lovely with it!

    1. Ngee.... thx Gena for the compliment!I hope the skirt will fits her well.



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