Sunday, August 30, 2009

my brown skirt brown skirt using M5566_McCalls.

the construction of my skirt

a lot of 'jahit sembat'...and i used my new bias tape maker to do that 'button hold'. i using the correct term? hehehe..

my buttons

full front view

ermmhh.....but I am not quite satisfied with the way i sewn the zip. very amatur...

oppss...sorry...model pucat...puasa maa....hehehe..and did u notice that sofa cover? another unfinished business. last pucat shoot...heheheh..

anyway...interested to sew one like this? if you are an amatur like me...all you've got to do the pattern from Alviana at her shop SHOPAHOLIC SEWIST and just follow the simple instruction. It's very easy! And you have a freedom to alter the design too. The pattern is very useful for doing the basic construction but the finishing is all up to you. Just like my will notice that the waist part is totally different with the one in the picture of M5566 McCalls pattern.

and my upcoming project...CURTAINS! It's not for me but I'm helping my friend. 30 mtrs..waarrgggh!! must finish b4 hari raya.but luckily i don't have to do the scallop thingy...otherwise i pengsan lor...hehehe..anyway..can i make it?I'll try my best Rini!


  1. hi jessie! just found your blog & love all your projects. looks professional to me! keep up the great work! :)

  2. hi Zura..thx for dropping by...and thx for your compliment too!still amatur but will try to make it more professional. huhuh! happy sewing!

  3. hi jessie! love to see ur sewing outcome from the pattern. that is a very beautiful skirt especially for a 1st-timer pattern user like u. the minor problem is acceptable and u look great. love ur fabric choice :)

    p/s: thats mean u r entitled for 50% for next pattern u purchase. anytime, no expire date hehe. i'll link ur post from my blogshop. hope u dont mind. :)

  4. hi Alvi, will try my best to do better next time. thats mean, i will buy a new pattern again from your blogshop.;) with 50% discount. I feel very honored that u will post it in your blogshop. thx a lot Alvi!



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