Monday, August 24, 2009

working mode

ermmhhh....lets talk about my work...

my desk. nothing special here. Simple...only my pc, my red cup, my tumbler,my dearest 2009 calendar, few small stuffs...
ahaa...there you go..two important screen, my headphone. it's quite stress working here when there are a lot of cases rushing in. music is my life when this it is happen! empty eclipse! i like that sweets very much. i put one in my car too. and I've got dettol sanitizer. courtesy from my office. and pil chi kit teck on. i bought from mamak. this one is just in case if my stomach is shouting for help.

a pear a day keeps my stress away for a while! i will bring fruits to office only if i don't want to go out for lunch. Hup Seng cream crackers? it really becomes my savior when my stomach suddenly craving for somethin especially teatime. dip in hot tea..errmmmhhh mmg sedap!

my cute little teddy bear. My birthday gift. Sue gave it to me last year.

my blog on my wide screen!..hehehe..wajib thing to do everyday even if i don't have anything to update. maybe that is why i called it another chapter of my life!I'll try to update frequently next time..hehehe...i bought this flip flap yesterday. Cute and really make my day when I am too concentrating with work, too focus looking at the screen..and this flower will keep swinging and somehow it gives me a joy..hehehe..i really like you!
i bought this small thing last weekend at craftworld ss2,pj. quite expensive for this size but i don't know why i grabbed it on the spot and paid it. huhuhu...atleast one of my wishlist came true..finally i got you my bias tape maker!

remember about skirt pattern that i bought from Alviana few month ago? Here it is. UNCUT. sayang tau...
but then i cut that pattern anyway ...hopefully my skirt menjadikler..hehehe..thats all for now..daaa!

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