Saturday, January 23, 2010

my january puffy pouch

My second project for this month..MY JAN PUFFY POUCH. I found out the tutorial from Ayumill-Pink Penguin. Please check her wonderful+super easy tutorial at her blog ya. I bought the flexi frame from Tessa too.. recommended by Ayumills as well...

Exterior part laying on my cutting matt. (This cutting matt fly away from Ipoh. thx to Neeza for buying it for me.

flexi frame bought from Tessa. She's a such a sweet lady. Nice to deal with her!

quick view on how to insert the flexi frame.


there you not so perfect puffy pouch. I made wrong measurement for the upper part of this pouch. But it's one is perfect for the 1st kit.
Hope you guys can make this one too.


  1. i always wanted to sew a pouch like this..but i dont know how..n afraid that it doesnt turn out to be good and nice..

  2. hi Norul... this is my second attempt actually. my first one was unsuccessfull. luckily Ayumills provide very easy tutorial. Her explaination through pics and instruction was very easy to understand for not so expert sewer like me. You should try to do one too. :)

  3. hi jessie, i had sewing one too but not upload on blog yet.Wait ya..:)

    Cantik Jessie buat tu. Saya punya guna jean..susah sikit sbb tebal.berapa ringgit beli flexi frame tu?

  4. hi Ayu...thx! waa...menarik gak kalau pky jeans. beli flexi frame tue kt Artfire. Below RM30 utk 5 biji. Jgn lupa upload Ayu nyer pouch,k?



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