Thursday, January 7, 2010

my january reversible skirt

Hope it's not too late for me to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! live long, live strong, and live happy! is some notes on my 2010 resolution:

1. Atleast 1 sewing project monthly
2. ermhh..tutorial for some of my own projects, perhaps?
3. Updates my not so called active-perfect blog frequently.
4. Meeting lots n lots crafter friends all around the world! we go. My 1st project! My january reversible skirt. First of all.. I would like to give credits to Kara from Sweet & Salty for sharing her tutorial about her gorgeous girly twirly skirt. You may check out her blog to see her tutorial. Pretty easy! And i was inspired from her blog when I want to do this version of mine. Thanks a lot, Kara! The only different is I have to double the amount of fabrics.
I made 2 pattern for this skirt. And of course it's not for me..hihihih..I can say that it took only 2.5 hours to sew this skirt ( in total 5 hrs for both) and I'm proud of it. Never thought that I can finish it very fast! Here you 1st handmade for this new year 2010! And sorry..tutorial is not available for this one yet. hehe..

to push 2 elastic bands together was the hardest part....phewhh.......but...

I'm so happy with the ending!
another reversible view.

i adore both of them!

Happy sewing everyone!


  1. hi jessie! those are adorable! thanks for the link i wanna try it soon:)

  2. reversible??? wow, that just awesome!! love love love the combination of the fabric. it's super cute. great job!

  3. Zura..thanks! Kara's tutorial is quite easy..but i believe you can make one by not referring any tutorial anymore.

    Alvi..thanks too! it is reversible! I like the fushia color and it's too bad if I use it for lining only. that is why I made them reversible. hihi.

  4. wow, it's super cute and adorable. i love it both; pattern, prints and color. oh, im so going to try this :-)



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