Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flower petal pillow

Sue's birthday is just around the I made this flower petal pillow specially for her. I hope she will like it since I'm really fall in love with it right now..

lindapendante dreams created such a beautiful layered petal pillow and I decided to make one for Sue. Thanks for the tutorial,Linda! You can find different tutorials on creating beautiful pillow from here..and here too..! Do please..please check out Someday Craft too! Her blog is super cool with lots and lots of  amazing tutorial!..Anyway..I'll share my few photos with you guys in here..

 I cut two different size of petals by using template plastic (black color).

Sew two petals together and turn right side out.

 Not yet sew but my petals bloom very well on my floor..huhuhu..

 So happy with the outcome..

 I like it!

 Happy sewing everyone!


  1. I'm sure sue will love it, it's gorgeous!!

  2. thx,Gena! the pillow still with me..hope i can give it to Sue with my sincere open heart! huhuh..

  3. Your pillow is beautiful! Thanks for linking to my blog in your post!

    1. Thx & welcome,Brandi! I'll visit your blog often to see your new creation!



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