Thursday, May 21, 2009

new books

I bought few books at big bad wolf book sale at Pj last weekend. Very cheap for the first hand books. The price is in the range of RM5-RM20. Attempted to buy a lot of books but at the end of the day i only bought 2 quilt books, 1 knitting and another one is a novel based on the true story. it consider as novel? hehehe.. And another book which is 'just hats' was actually my dodo's choice. I'm not in a mood doing knitting at the moment..but maybe one day the passion will come i guess..

And for this one, they're actually souvenir cum gifts from him. He went to Medan for a company trip for 4 days( and i did miss him so much! 4 days without sms-ing,voice..waaa!! sungguh busan hidup!). Luckily I got a lot of things from him.. Thank u so much,my schatzi! There are few items which are not in the pic actually....keychain (batik), food-kek lapis legit,kek bingka, jeruk blueberry (sedap!) errkk..another one is...i forgot the name already but it is actually kacang tumbuk disalut dgn sesame. mmg sedap..yummy!yummy!yummy! more,more,and more things for me, dear!!


  1. ingat nk g sana just nk tgk2 novel jer..sekali jumpa buku2 quilt tue..trus beli.. murah jer Ayu..Rm12 jer dua2 buku quilt tue. mmg berbaloi!Lain kali kalau ada book fair lg, kiter inform Ayu yerk.

  2. dah abis ke baca buku tu syg? kata nak baca masa dlm flight pegi sabah nanti? ;->

  3. i miss that salelah....went back to my hometown...selalunya warehouse books is my fav. hunting for craft books....



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