Sunday, May 24, 2009

red square...

I made this one last night. I really wanted to sew something and I came up with this idea. . Guess what it is?

Back view

errkk..i saw something in there..erasable marker? small note book? needle book?'s a place for my sewing stuffs. Wish that it can keep all of my stuffs but i guess it's for some important stuffs only. It's more for travelling purposes.

I actually wanted to put the cross stitch fabric for this needle's area but I don't have the fabric at the moment and I was too excited to sew this item in a day. So, i replaced it with the fibre instead.

I can put my small notebook, scissor, ruler, pencil/pen, 'penetas' (erkk..I dun't know this word in English). Can someone help me?

And I can put some threads too!
I should have name for this finished item. Ermmh..should i call it 'red square pouch'? Ermmhh...looks okay for me. By the way, it's for myself. Name does not matters, right? Happy sewing everybody!!Challo!!


  1. thats look sooo cute! I love the colors.
    and 'penetas' is seam ripper :)

  2. nice, cute n lovely...sissy, keep up the good work!

  3. 'Penetas' is seam ripper!Hahaha..thanks a lot Alviana. I'm still not good with all these sewing terms.

    Manaf a.k.a my Dodo.. thank u so much!

  4. thanx for visiting me..
    your handmade is beautiful and useful

  5. good job jessie..
    can u make one for me...")

  6. thanks Wawa... Wawa nk satu jugak yer...nk menjahit ker? hehehe..buat nipn sebab boring giler time tue..tetiba keluar idea nie. agak2 nanti kalau boring tue dtg lagi,aku buat satu utk tmpt letak make up..ok?



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