Monday, May 18, 2009

tulip hearted quilt

At first ever quilt completed! Let the pictures + few notes speak for itself...

saja tunjuk muka chubby..hahha...almost 60% completed.

with backing but without binding yet.

add some tiny touch at the back of the quilt. I put my friend's daughter name, that she will knows that this quilt was made especially for her.


another tadaa!!
I'm happy with what i did. Though the original design was completely different, I'm still satisfied with it. Hope there will be more quilt from me soon.


  1. wow.. i totally understand how happy u are.
    it look absolutely cute, sweet and lovely.
    ur fren and little eidil must be so happy too hehehe
    i love the color. and the pattern simple yet very beautiful :)

  2. wah jessie...
    leh bukak butik dah...
    butik conforter..
    btkan untuk aku jugak!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thanks, Alviana..never thought my first quilt turn out to be like that.

    Wawa, bukak butik takleh lg..Aku wat suak2 jer tue. Kalau ko nk, cepat2ler kawen..dpt baby, aku wat satu utk ko..yg special punyer..hehehe

  5. lawala jessie..bilala bole buat gak.??hihi...xsempat ngan sikecik ni.:P

  6. hehehe...teringin gak nk wat pencil box cam Ayu..nk wat porch ker..tak reti2 lg nie..kena try and error dulu.bila si kecik tido jap,Ayu trylah wat ckt2 dulu.Lama2 nanti mesti boleh siap nyer..



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