Monday, April 27, 2009

giveaways from sweetlilcraft

I'm still new with this blogging thing and even the sewing part. I'm still learning but I'm loving it! Nothing "extravaganza' happen in my blog here. Very very beginner in blogging.I visited Ayu's blog recently. Both her personal and shop ones. I really like the coordination of the color of her personal blog. Very cute and the color blends very well. Quite soft as well! As for her shop's blog, I can see that she's really into handmade crafts and you can find cute little things in her shop.(errkk..I mean in her Sweet Lil Craft ya...hehehe). I saw a lot of comments in her entry for this giveaways and why not..I join this sweet contest too. Mana tau boleh menang giveaways yg cute tue. hehehe.. Below are the giveaways that I might win..hahaha...just kidding..but still I wish I can win them. wink!
Stripe bag accompany with body pouch especially hand made by Ayu

Strawberry needle book and key comel..

So, if anyone visits my blog here...(i wish!) though i know my blog is still very new... do please visit Ayu's blog. Both blog won't regret it! hehehe..
p/s: It's fun to join this cute giveaways contest! it's a good way for me to update my blog too. Both way win! Challo!


  1. tq for joining my giveaways..good luck ya:)
    nice to meet u.

  2. hi jessie...salam kenal..thanks for dropping by at may blog..anyway..i think the word for the 'susun' in english is 'arrange' :)..hhe me also not good in english so forgive me if my english is hard for you to undrstand...

  3. hehehe..hi mama alicianorman... thanks for the 'arrange' word. tetiba clueless nk guna perkataan apa utk susun time post entry psl quilt tue. 'arrange' jessie 'arrange'!



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