Sunday, April 26, 2009

tulip hearted quilt-part III

I just bought these beautiful and cheap fabric last weekend at Kamdar,MV. So, no english cotton from Romantika for this quilt. Maybe for new project I'll try to use it.
Basic idea on how i will 'susun' this tulips. I like the bright color of the fuschia one. Ermmhh sorry for the Bahasa Melayu word. Erk..what is 'susun' in English ya? Lupa daa...hahaha...

waa....a lot of works to do lor...but still i love to do it! first finished pattern. but still I have 17 pieces more to go. gud luck to me!


  1. wow.. a lot of pieces to sew but turn out very nice and cute. good luck! :)

  2. thanks Alviana.. my quilt is going to finish soon. there's a lot of changes but still i'm happy with the coming result.:)



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