Friday, April 24, 2009

tulip hearted quilt-part II

Now I know what should I put at the back of my quilt. Fleece blanket! I might choose pink or black color and I know where to get it. Last time I did buy one for my sister at Kamdar,MV. It was quite cheap though. I think the price was RM15 per each. And for the background of my quilt I think I will go for the english cotton that I see at Romantika outlet in Shah Alam. RM15 per metre but a quarter should be fine for my quilt. Can't wait to buy them this weekend. I am really into quilting right now. I just joined the quilting forum at and there is a lot of information (techniques, pattern, tips,etc) that I can use for my quilting project. I hope there will be more project that I can accomplish. More and more from black book of sewing!!challo!

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